About Thirumeni

The Most Rev Dr.Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Metropolitan

The life of beloved Metropolitan viewed as The Chrysalis the complete transformation happened to a common person, blooming of that life as Chrysanthemum,the golden flower and pronouncements of a Chrysostom,Golden Tongue obviously the sum as Chryssoye the Golden life.


Butterfly made in a pupa, called chrysalis which enables for a complete transformation. Mar Chrysostom began his life journey as Philip Oommen as son of Very. Rev. K. E. Oommen and Mrs. Sosamma. The paternal family is Adangappurathu Kalamannil, at Kallooppara and Kadakkattu Nadukke Veettil at Karthikappally. The general income of the people was agriculture. The educational institutions were rare. He was born in a clergy family. His father’s brother was a celibate priest, named Rev. K.E. Jacob. Very Rev. K. E. Oommen was educated in Madras Christian College. Later he joined Mar Thoma Church priestly ministry. The family moved to various places and the education of Mr. Philip Oommen occurred in various places.  Later he took graduation from Union Christian College which was famous for patriotic and cultural activitie , based in moral values. The independence movement was very active in those days, the youth engaged in different social actions ,this reflected in the decision to join in evangelistic activities in Ankola Aashram, a way of life which leads community life, empowering the community around them. Many freedom fighters life and message challenged the life of many, as him also. How to make impact in community was the dream of Philip Oommen and he selected pastoral ministry in Mar Thoma Church remained single and continued the celibacy and elevated to the higher position of Episcopacy. Thus he transformed as a Bishop. He was a missionary Bishop, was a global bishop travelled around to establish and plant the parishes, as the centre of activity of God’s work. Any profession for him is God’s work.


Khrusos means gold and anthemon means flower

His role as a bishop was like a flower to spread fragrance and beauty. He was like a tree which provided shadow and shelter for many. The branch was his eloquent speech full of humor and points to ponder on. His speech and thought flew before the generations. Social gospel, gospel is social to him. His bringing up was to mingle with the community, he gave leadership in such a way that he is not to belong the church only.  When he took the office of an Episcopa he was very particular to maintain this approach. Area of his mission includes the members of the church as well as the people of different strata of life; the person may be a beggar or a porter. His mission was not something downloaded from air or an idea, but it were mere biblical and closely related to the mission of Christ. The attempt to translate theological imperatives to common human’s life find result in the life of Metropolitan. He influenced the members of the Church may be locally or internationally to began different projects to find contemporary meaning for Gospel. The orphans and helpless find shelter under these caring centers. He stood as pioneer in the arena of leadership to facilitate and organize such assignment. His vision was how make a person to become a human in its fullness. The sacramental celebration in community was the goal of Metropolitan. His words and deeds spread the fragrance of the totality of this vision, thus fulfilled in the meaning of his name which conferred to him during the coronation ceremony of elevation as bishop.

Chrysostom means Golden Tongue

The name of John Chrysostom also known as the bishop who is having Golden Tongue, the church leader of 6th of C.E was given to Metropolitan. The words formed in the crucible of golden thoughts reinstated many people to the abundant life. Words golden wisdom enlightened many beginning many from his house, where he lives; in parishes where he renders his service; in great meetings such as Maramon convention to Meetings of world council of churches. The glittering tongue empowered the community and he used the tongue to argue for the community. Many a times it showed the hypocrisy of the fake leadership and stood as sign and symbol of true avenue to pass through. He is the first person to travel through that path and took the fresh challenges too. His dialogical method of sermons cultivated good crops in the hearers. We cannot draw a differentiating line between words and life of the Metropolitan. His life and message denote many meaning in life, a sacramental life!

Chryssoye -Golden life

The new word combining two words Zoye means life mainly actions and khrusos, the gold gives A Golden Life, in the span of life, in the fulfillment of God’s will is a challenge to take up which he initiated with his life, began as a kid to this age, can be really call as a celebration of life,a Golden life of a Golden Bishop. Still a lot of charisma and the blessings are to be searched out from the life of this great leader of the church. This is a tribute to that golden life from the sojourners who follow Jesus who is the path and destination of a great journey.